MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park GP


My race at Woodland Park started out by blocking a punch of a crazy lady to my wife on the walk to the park from the car. That's an odd and longer story but after chasing this unexpected nutcase off I was now awake, alert and ready to make some two wheeled slides around the slick course of the day. MFG's final race in the series is and always will be one of my favorites. The field seemed a little smaller then years prior 100 riders per category which made it much more fun and less confusing. The conditions were great and perfectly unpredictable in spots which made for a great advantage when you could pick the right line to pass a few of your fellow dudes to start creeping up the line. My race report is about the same as every race this season for me...feeling good with a chance of disaster and this race was no different with burping a tubeless tire with half of my last and best feeling lap to go, but the amount of fans, heckling and hand ups make this race the most exciting since it's right in the city limits and is popular with cyclocross fans and the curious alike. It's the type of race that'll take you an hour to get to your tent and an hour to get to your car because you run into just about every bike friend you have since they're at the funnest spot to be for the season. I have so much appreciation for my wife for having the patience of me saying ok, we can go and having another half an hour till that's true. Next year I'll be living full time in Portland but I'll still be keeping the MFG Woodland Park Grand Prix on my list to race as well as see old friends.*on a side note I've heard racers cussing out racers over stupid shit a few times this season. Don't be a chode, save that shit for the road.


Find out more about the MFG Cyclocross Series here. 

Words from Sky Wilson, follow him @skyblukowski 

Photographs by Christopher San Agustin, follow him @brokenandcoastal

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