Lee's Kona Process by Metropolis Bicycles

"Dude get a mountain bike!" has been the vertiginous incantation of one Christopher San Agustin propelled towards me for the past year and a half.  Every time we meet up for drinks or rides, Chris is saying that "it will change my life."


My life was changed a few weeks ago, by purchasing a Kona Process 153 from Metropolis bikes.  I could go into a poetic detail about the struggle and the triumph to procure this enchanting machine.  But, it is more exciting to talk about the bike itself.  

Right out the gate the Kona Process 153 is your ticket to shredhalla.  160mm of travel up front and 153 in the back, dropper post, big 2.3 Maxxis DHF tires, Sram groupset, I was set.  Although I swapped the grips for Wolftooth Fat Paws and Wolftooth dropper remote, just because they are way better components than the stock parts, Kona needs to talk to Wolftooth on getting those remotes on every bike; it is too good.


Chris equally stoked for me took me on my first mountain bike rides to Syncline and Sandy ridge.  Syncline was exciting, a lot of rock gardens, streams to traverse, and some climbs that I was not in shape for, and it hurt.  Sandy Ridge was some great riding; I started to understand my bike more and more by the day's end, getting loose, feeling more comfortable, especially on the technical climbs and blistering downhills, never a dull moment, the Kona soaked it up and rebounded it back into the gnar.

I am exhilarated that I own this bike, and looking forward to other spots that I can ride and explore.  Nature is wondrous, and it is a privilege that I am able to soak in the landscape.  This bike permits me to do this, and not to forget the NWTA folks who maintain the trails, seriously huge thank you for supporting these trails.  I feel not having a mountain bike was a large hole in my life, and I am grateful that I can shred with my friends, and I would like to pass Chris's words to others.  "Dude get a mountain bike."

PS Thanks to Archie and Brad of Metropolis for setting me up with the bike, and Forest for helping me decide.  To find out more about Kona mountain bikes hit up Metropolis on Williams and Page.