Last Time I Was In Oakridge...

The last time I went to Oakridge was for Bridget's Birthday. Bridget is a badass and she had a hell of a weekend planned for us. 

We camped at Black Canyon Campground and I am always the first person to get up. #coffeeoutside

Forests truck got nominated to carry a bunch of bikes. 

Day 1 we did the climb up to ATCA. 6000+ feet of climbing? Correct me if I am wrong. 

As we were climbing up Jedi I heard a familiar voice in the distance. My buddy Paul started 30-45 minutes behind us and caught us on the last climb. What a beast. It was rad to take some turns with the Lacava. 

The ATCA was full of Poison Oak so I took a pit stop at a small waterfall and scrubbed my self with ancient moss. 


The night ended with these two weirdos drinking beers out of their shoes. Never trust a kayaker in a skinsuit. Never.