Giro Monaco Gloves Review


Giro Monaco Glove are the second pair of Giro gloves I've owned since I joined the dark side and started to ride old man bikes. The Monaco's feature a leather palm while the upper part of the glove is made of a moisture wicking breathable mesh. The gloves are very comfortable when first putting them on and the leather really molds to your palm after you break them in. These were exactly the kind of gloves I was looking for to ride in this Spring and Summer.

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This is what my gloves looked like after four months of abuse in  NYC and Thailand.[/pullquote]I paid 40 bucks for my pair of Monaco's at my LBS. Four months later the gloves are beat. They accompanied me through the NYC streets and the NYC heat. I brought them to Thailand with me to climb mountains in Phuket, Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai. These gloves put in some work and did a good job to boot.

For me; getting four solid months of riding with my gloves is enough. I ride 100 - 150 miles a week; so thats 1600 to 2400 miles per pair of gloves. Not bad in my opinion.

Heres a quick run down of what I liked, disliked and what I'd change :

1. I really love the material used on the upper portion of the glove. As I was cycling in Thailand in temperatures averaging 90 degrees the mesh really did a great job shedding my sweat and keeping the upper portion of my hands feeling fresh.

2. The leather palm is great in dry conditions but I don't really like how the leather feels in humid and hot weather. The leather tends to stay wet and at sometimes feels really slippery.

3. If you take a look at the photos in this article it's obvious that parts of the gloves should be stitched up better. I think Giro needs to take note at the various stress points of the gloves and make sure they're reinforced.

Giro's already released a newer version of these gloves so I am looking forward to trying them out and seeing if they've made any improvements.

Would I buy these gloves again? I already am! It's Fall in NYC and Winter is approaching so I'll be using full finger gloves from now on. But as Spring approaches in 2014, I'll definitely be rocking the 2014 Monaco's. In fact I'll probably buy a couple pairs and rotate them to keep them more fresh this time around.

This is what Giro has to say about the Monaco's:

"The Monaco™ is the most full-featured glove in the Giro line. Designed for high-performance and high-mileage riders, the Monaco’s 3-piece palm and breathable construction is combined with Technogel® padding for exceptional pressure distribution, ventilation, and fit."

"PALM: Super Fit™ design with three-panel palm for a tailored fit; Double-stitched seams in critical areas to enhance durability; Updated Pittards® vented leather palm enhances grip and breathability, resists moisture UPPER: Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable mesh PADDING: 3mm Technogel® pads distribute pressure more evenly for comfort and durability with less padding FEATURES: Highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface; Tear-off finger pockets for easy removal; Sonic-welded pull tab; Low-profile Velcro closure"

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