Giro Factor Review


The Giro Factor shoes are the first Road specific shoe I've ever purchased. I am a huge fan of the Shimano SPD system but I have been clocking a lot of miles this year and figured I'd give the whole SPD L system a go. The Giro Factors cost about $289 + tax which is pretty crazy for most people; myself included. Road cycling is an expensive sport and I find myself increasing the amount of money I am willing to spend on gear more and more. Its a sickness, I know.

So here is what I think.

- The Factors are light! Both shoes weigh around the same of just one of my Sidi Dominators!

- I liked the straps and buckle system Giro went with. They've held up; even during some spontaneous hike and biking. Yes hike and biking in road shoes!

- I love the feel of the shoes when paired with a nice merino cycling sock.

- I am not in love with the materials they used for the outer part of the shoe. The material looks similar to something you'd see on a soccer cleat. But the material is strong and it forms to your feet. The material has grown on me and I actually like it now. I don't think I'd ever go back to leather shoes now.

- The carbon sole is stiff and tough as nails. As I mentioned earlier I tend to get adventurous. I found my self a handful of times climbing over rocks and besides some scratches these shoes are holding up.

In conclusion; I am very happy with my purchase. So much so that I ended up picking up a pair of their MTB shoes to replace my Dominators! More on that in another post.

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