Giro Atmos Review


I've been a die hard Giro fan ever since I got into road cycling. I am really not sure why. It doesn't hurt that Giro is based out of Santa Cruz California which is one of my favorite places on planet Earth. Anyways when it comes to helmets, shoes and gloves I basically only buy Giro or Specialized. So when the time came to pick up a new bucket I went with the all black Atmos by Giro. [portfolio_slideshow id=2198 width=1200px]

The Atmos is one of Giro's high end models sitting just below their coveted Aeon. The Aeon sells for $250 and the Atmos at $180. The differences are insignificant to anyone that is not riding at a professional level so going with the Atmos was a no brainer.

What I immediately noticed about the Atmos is how damn light it was compared to my Specialized helmet. In addition to the lightness of the helmet it's very airy featuring 26 vents. At the time I was living in the East Coast where the summers are hot and the winters are brutal. The air events work in your favor in both conditions. In the summer you will appreciated the wind flow and in the winter you will need to allow all of the sweat to wick out of your head gear otherwise you will be freezing!

The straps take a little time to get used to. Actually I hated them at first. Despite being so light, they felt flimsy and uncomfortable around my neck. After a few rides the straps really softened up and hugged my neck perfectly. So just take note that the straps take a couple rides to break in and once they do they feel like silk along your stubbly neck.

It's been over a year now and my poor Atmos has been through the ringer. I am definitely sold on Giro helmets and will continue to purchase them.

Thats my two cents. You can pick one up here : Giro Atmos Helmet Or visit your local Giro dealer.

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