Getting High Above in Bellingham, Washington

My first experience with High Above was at the Fat Tire Farm in Portland, Oregon. As a mountain biker, I am always looking for a better way to carry gear on the trail and the custom High Above packs really stand out. I left Fat Tire Farm without a bag but added High Above on Instagram and have been following them ever since. 

Last week I found myself on a last minute trip to Bellighman with my buddy Eric to ride bikes and disconnect after a hectic month of work. So I reached out to JC at High Above and it turns out he was more than happy to make a bag for me while I was in town!


So after a big day riding Galbraith Mountain Bike Trails we packed up the car and drove over to JC's workshop to pick up that bag.

That's JC in the window there. As you can tell from the picture he is super stoked and kinda goofy. We were greeted by a fluffy dog and cold beers. When asked about the bag he made me he replied: "Oh, I haven't even made it yet." Next thing I know JC is pulling fabric and we're designing my custom Lookout Pack.

JC has been running High Above for 7 (8?) years, living what seems like a dream in Bellingham, Washington. His bags are handmade using the best materials money can buy. As I watch JC effortlessly make this bag before me I can't help but think that this is the best hip pack ever made. 

There is something special about High Above and I can't quiet put my finger on it. You have JC who is this incredibly generous person, you have the bags that are everything you ever wanted, and it's all wrapped up in this dreamy little Mountain Bike Mecca called Bellingham. 


I was stoked, can you tell?

Do yourself a favor and head over to High Above and check out the loot. I picked up a Lookout Bag to replace my Dakine Bag and have already done a bunch of riding with it. 1 pack, 24-mile trail ride in August, no problem!