Garrison to Bear Mountain


I woke up this Saturday knowing I was going to ride up North. For some reason I woke up super motivated and decidedto hop on the train and climb Bear Mountain. Normally I'd make a century ride out of it but my IT band has been giving me some problems. If you haven't injured your IT band before; it's the worst. Basically every time you pedal your IT band sends a crippling sensation through your body that is so fucking painful. Basically the whole time your riding home you want to die.

No fun.

Anyways; I've never took my bike on Metro North. It was a very pleasant experience.

I paid five bucks and got my bike permit. Hella legit.

I look forward to doing this again next weekend!

Fuck 9W. (Just kidding. I love you 9w. But you're so damn boring. Upstate just has so much more to offer.)

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Until next time, Pedal Often!