Full Moon Ride on Mount St Helens

Last year I was fortunate enough to tag along with Daniel Sharp and Tori Bortman on a full moon ride on Mount St Helens. We climbed up Ape Canyons and watched the sunset on the Plains of Abraham. It was an experience I'd surely never forget! 

A year later we got a killer crew together to do it all over again. It turns out we weren't the only ones who had this idea... 

This is one of those rides where you have to stop a lot. Just do it. It's worth it! Not every ride has to be a KOM fest. 

As we made our way onto the Plains of Abraham the moon started to rise. 

Rides like these are a great way to meet new friends. 



Soaking it all in.

Living slow.

Mountain top beers. 


Ummmm...... This guy....

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