Easy Coconut Trail Mix Bars Recipe For Cyclists


I am going to keep this article simple. I really like KIND bars. Yes, Cliff bars pack more calories but they just don’t taste good. When I eat a KIND bar I feel like I am actually eating food. Here is the problem. One bar can cost almost $3.

So here is my solution. Make your own. Its super easy, super cost effective, way way way healthier, better for the environment and fucking rewarding.

This is what you will need :

Access to a kitchen with a stove and oven. A pot, a pad and most importantly a candy thermometer. They cost less then 10 dollars on Amazon. This is the one I bought.) Wax paper or something that the bars won’t stick to when you’re ready to store them.

The ingredients are simple :

2 cups Almonds or trail mix. Use whatever you want! 1 cup of Puffed Rice because you know you want that crunch! 2 - 4 spoonfuls of Chia seeds or any other combination of small nutritional seeds. 1/2 cup of honey. I suggest using something local. 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract. If you don’t have it don’t worry about it. 2 cups of non sweetened Coconut. Bigger the strips the better. If you don’t like Coconut use something else in similar volume. Salt. I sprinkle salt in the honey, the coconut and the nut mixture. Cuts down the sweetness and is good for those sweaty rides.

Ready to do this?

Step 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.


Step 2. Mix your nut mixture. Add Chia seeds or whatever seeds you choose.


Step 3. Place coconut on baking sheet. Spread out as best as you can. Step 4. Put coconut in preheated oven. Check on them every minute! Usually takes 2-3 minutes to get all golden brown.



Step 5. Add coconut to nut mixture.

Almond_Coconut_Bars-14 Almond_Coconut_Bars-13

Step 6. Place pot on the stove on medium heat. Place honey, vanilla extract, salt and candy thermometer in your pot. Step 7. Mix the honey mixture until the thermometer reads 260! It’s easy to mess this up. I have. But 260 is the magic number so just try to hit it.


Step 8. Immediately pour honey into your nut mixture.




Step 9. Mix everything together. Step 10. After mixed immediately put it onto a baking sheet or pan. Flatten and shape.



Step 11. Let cool for 20 minutes. Step 12. Cut bars and let rest for another hour or so. Once that is done you can wrap them in wax paper or something similar. Step 13. Enjoy!

Please let us know how your bars turned out or if you have any suggestions or techniques that will help us improve ours!