Custom Cycling Caps by at Rothera

Like most kids in the 90's, I grew up scribbling on walls and thrashing around my neighborhood on my BMX. We left our mark wherever we went. Some people outgrow this, and for others, it's an artistic obsession that only gets stronger with age.

Looking back and hell looking forward, I think this obsession is one of the reasons I do Broken and Coastal. In a way it's my way to leave my mark, it's my artistic expression, my scribble on the wall.

So when some people on our team expressed interest in getting some cycling caps made I said: "let's do it!"

We decided to work with Rothera Cycling because they had a reputation for making high-quality small batch caps. All of Rothera's caps are handmade in Texas from USA sourced materials. They offer both screen printed and sublimated caps with manageable minimums.

When I initially reached out to Rothera, I was greeted by Gary Rothera who gave me a breakdown on their process, minimums, pricing, etc. Gary made the process super seamless and even gave us some great feedback on our logo placement. Ultimately we went with a one color screen print since it would far outlast a sublimated print. Plus we screenprint all of our own shirts, so it just made sense.

The design itself was inspired by our 2018 Team Coastal Kits. The camo rain looked so slick in our kits that we had to incorporate it into the cap design. Keeping things black and white means it will work with not only our current kits but kits in the future as well.

Gary sent us a couple of caps to check out while we wait for the rest of the order to get made. Honestly, it came out far better than I could have ever imagined. The fit is amazing, the materials are so nice, and you can really tell that it's a high-quality handmade product.

These caps are already sold out but don't worry we definitely plan on doing another run shortly. These are just too damn good to not have extras!

If your interested in getting some cycling caps made I highly recommend you check out Rothera and mention us!

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