COBRA Series Race 2 at Farragut Park by Miguel Lopez

Stop number two of the COBRA Racing Series went off at Farragut Park in North Portland. Racers lined up once again to battle it out on a grassy course littered with some really technical moves through the trees. 

The following photos were shot by the one and only Miguel Lopez! You can check out his work at and @onlyonelopez


Newcomer Nissy Cobb led the WTF field and took home a big win. COBRA veteran Laura Parson took home second while Marayah Deese came in third.  Shannon destroyed the men's field once again to take home his second series win! Lucas Strain took second place with style and smiles while Michael Saviers came in at a well-deserved third. 

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers, racers, and to everyone that just came out to support and cheer on their friends. Let's all send our healing vibes over to Brad who took a nasty spill and wish him a speedy recovery. 

Cobra Racing is a Bicycle Motocross inspired bandit race in Portland, Oregon. Paying homage to BMX, Alley Cats, Cyclocross and all those who create something rad for their community.

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