COBRA Racing Series Finale by Gritchelle Fallesgon

The final stop of the COBRA Series was held at Gateway Green, Portland's only Mountain Bike Park. Racers lined up to battle one last time on a course filled with berms, single track, and an epic wall ride finish. 

The following photos were shot by the one and only Gritchelle Fallesgon! You can check out his work at and @gritchelle

Over the course of four weeks riders competed in a DIY racing series called COBRA Racing. Each race was held on Friday nights in a secret location that was announced the day before. Top three Men and WTF riders walked away with Cash and Prizes every race. Series points were given to racers that landed on the podium and to those that shredded! 

Gateway Green was the perfect spot to end such an amazing series filled with good people, good vibes, and some goddamn good times! 

So how does it work? 

Cobra Racing is a Bicycle Motocross inspired bandit race in Portland, Oregon. Paying homage to BMX, Alley Cats, Cyclocross and all those who create something rad for their community.

Each racer is assigned a number plate and group number. Racers have three opportunities to qualify for the main event. These qualifying races are called motos. Motos are one lap and take about 2 minutes to complete. Pedal hard! Top 2 from each moto make it into the main event. 

All the money that came into the event went right back out to the racers. COBRA Racing provides equal payout for WTF and Men categories.

COBRA Racing is not only a race but a creative platform bringing out Portland's talented Design, Photography, and Cinematography community! From custom race plates, to hand printed shirts, to short files, to a DIY photo booth in the middle of Gateway Green! 

The past four weeks have been crazy! Check back soon for a complete series write up, results, etc.

COBRA Racing will be hosting a photography show June 29th at Royale Brewing to celebrate their first seven successful races in Portland, Oregon. 

Follow COBRA Racing on Instagram @cobraracingpdx  for more info. You can support COBRA Racing by purchasing a t-shirt on our webstore!