COBRA Racing is Back!

COBRA Racing is back for 2019, and it's better than ever. 80+ people showed up on a Saturday evening to race bikes, cheer, and just hang out with friends. For many people, it's their first race, and for some, it's their first race living in Oregon. COBRA has a way of bringing people together. Everyone is there to support each other, the community comes first, and racing always comes second.


Cobra Racing is a Bicycle Motocross inspired bandit race in Portland, Oregon. Paying homage to BMX, Alley Cats, Cyclocross and all those who create something rad for their community.

Each racer is assigned a number plate and group number. Racers have three opportunities to qualify for the main event. These qualifying races are called motos. Motos are one lap. Pedal hard! Top 2 from each moto make it into the main event.

COBRA Racing provides equal payout for WTF and Men categories.

Photography by Gritchelle Fallesgon

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I call it bandit-cross, but to label a COBRA race as “cross” really isn’t accurate as it is also part BMX derby and part Grateful Dead concert. It is well-organized, exceedingly fair, and remarkably efficient. Everyone who is there helps take the course down and clean up at the end; to not is to be an asshole. After - adjourn for drinks and podiums. It’s not everyone’s jam and that’s cool. I think bandit racing is what cyclocross was in the U.S. in its infancy (and which still floats through its soul). Push at the edges; question why; go hard; gather together; have fun; run what you brung.
— Drew Coleman

Photography by Miguel Lopez

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The first @cobraracingpdx race of the season was in a few words fucking rad...
— @dd_freezee

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