Cobra Racing at Creston Park. The bar has been set.

You've successfully held a bandit race on Mt Tabor, so whats next? How do you top that? Words from Dustin Klein come to mind "try fail, try fail, try fail." Mt Tabor was a really hard course and left a lot of racers absolutely gutted. The goal with Cobra's sophomore release was to pick a venue that would be more fun, less elevation and more spectator friendly. 

Creston Park is a 14-acre piece of land just off of Powell Blvd which ended up being the perfect venue. The course was littered with trees which made taping of the course much easier and the street's traffic drowned out the noise of the race.

Let's do this!

DIY or DIE. 

The calm before the storm. 

Smiles for miles. 

44 racers lined up Friday night. 3,2,1, go!

The ladies go hard! 

Jump the shark!!!

Savage race, gritty peeps, and hella good times.
— Frost
For me the COBRA events are why I ride bikes. That means fun, laughs, smiles, good people, community, and feeling like a kid again. It doesn’t matter what bike you have, what your brand of kit is, or what points are being awarded with COBRA. Just line up and go hard.
— Matthew Barney

Huge thanks to everyone that came out and to all of the sponsors that have stepped up to support DIY racing in Portland, Oregon. 

Winners took home cash + prizes from Metropolis Cycles, LTRMN, Sizzle Pie, Castelli, Breadwinner Cafe, Cobra Racing and Broken & Coastal.

Photographs provided by William Christenson, Miguel Lopez and Broken & Coastal.