Cobra Racing: A Bicycle Motocross Inspired Bandit Race in Portland, Oregon.

Cobra Racing is a Bicycle Motocross inspired bandit race in Portland, Oregon. Paying hommage to BMX, Alley Cats, Cyclocross and all those who create something rad for their community. DIY or DIE. 

The Format. 

Each racer is assigned a number plate and group number. Racers have three opportunities to qualify for the main event. These qualifying races are called motos. Motos are one lap. Pedal hard! Top 2 from each moto make it into the main event. Shred Fast Live Young. 

Cobra branding is on point. Oregon promoters take notes. 

Inspired by @trailboundco dozens of shop rags are custom printed every race. Not only are the rags used for Capture the Flag they also make for some pretty rad swag. 

Custom number plates are designed for each race. DIY or DIE. 

Winners take home cash + prizes from Metropolis Cycles, LTRMN, Sizzle Pie, Castelli, Breadwinner Cafe and Broken & Coastal.


The party continues at Portland's best dive bar, The Standard. 

Let's recap.

  1. Promote a Friday night race in a undisclosed location. 
  2. Make cool shit and design a rad course. 
  3. Race.
  4. Get away with it. 
  5. Make new friends. Hang with old friends. 
  6. Celebrate.