Flow Down, Speed Up

Fall is here and the trails are going off in Squamish right now. I was lucky enough to catch a couple days of rain in Squamish and this video is bringing me right back! 

"Its been a long hot summer here in BC. Record numbers of forest fires have had us praying for rain and fall can't come soon enough. Check out OneUp team rider Remi Gauvin shredding Squamish in all its dank glory. Get stoked, hero dirt is coming.
Don't miss the ultimate Half Nelson cheater line."



5 Cycling Youtube Channels Worth Following


50to01 is a UK based channel filled with killer riding and antics from Ratboy, Loose, and a bunch of others from the Santa Cruz Syndicate. 

"To promote the connection between man and mother nature, meditation through methods of transport. Loose traction, smile and appreciate how lucky we are to have such forms of recreation. 50to01 is about balance, melt egos - don't take it too seriously and share the buzz."

Red Bull

Red Bull is constantly posting high quality cycling content on their youtube channel. 

Every things Been Done

Dustin is the founder of Cadence Collection and a working artist. Every Things Been Done is a channel filled with bicycles, art, weed, and wisdom. Definitely worth checking out. 

Phil Gaimon's "Worst Retirement Ever"

Phil is fucking hilarious.  

Austin Augie

Austin Augie is a NYC based BMXer and Vlogger. If you like Vlogs Austin's channel is worth checking out. 

Making Art and Cycling in Japan with DKlein

Dustin's Everything's Been Done series keeps getting better and better! Check out the rest of the series here. 

I made my way to Japan for the ninth time for For Blue Lug to do some live painting, making stuff, riding bikes, and inspiration. Huge Thanks to Blue Lug for having out, it was a terrific time! -Dklein "Likes" show support ;) Subscribe to stay updated with the latest content.

PDX Short Track Summer Casual

Another beautiful day of racing at the Portland Short Track Series.  

Luciano Bailey, the voice of Short Track.

A group of kids come to a stop on the course, the climb ahead looks like a wall and they look in disbelief. They say that getting to the top would be impossible.

We've all been there... So I tell them that everything is possible. 

Guess what happened next...

Summer casual. 

One of the best things about Short Track is afterwards a bunch of people meet up at El Burrito Azteca on Rosa Parks and Denver. The infamous $14 special will get you a burrito, chips, salsa, beer, and a shot of tequila. Don't miss out on it next week! 

Tales on Tyres and The Unremarkable

Head over to Tales on Tyres for a great write up on escaping tourist traps and finding beauty in the trail less ridden. 

Touristy places are touristy for a reason. They are special, they are beautiful and probably many other things beside that. They are featured in several Top-10 lists and probably highlighted in every travel guide you can come across. Additional the chances that you will hear many tales from travelers, who have already done it or been there, before you even close is pretty high. But due to their fame, those sights often come with long and annoying queues, tacky souvenir shops, selfie stick fumbling fanatics and you probably end up featuring in more holiday photos than your are really comfortable with.
— Tales on Tyres