Bike NYC or Die : Staying Alive

Bike NYC or Die is a series I've been wanting to put together documenting my thoughts as a cyclists in New York City. Here you will find my unadulterated opinions on commuting, road cycling, bicycle safety, etiquette, road rage and whatever else I can think of. So Lets do this! Part one. Here we go.

Staying Alive

I grew up riding BMX bikes. BMX has taken me across the world. BMX has given me a family. Most importantly; BMX has given me exceptional bike handling skills. Over the years I've learned how to get out of almost any situation. I've earned it, worked for it and I have the scars to prove it.

Yet when I first moved to New York three years ago I was really intimidated. Cycling in New York City is intimidating and thats a good thing because it's fucking dangerous. There are too many people out there on bikes that take cycling in this big city for granted. Be scared, be intimidated, be careful and stay alive.

So how do you stay alive cycling in New York City?

You can yield at lights and stop signs instead of blowing through them. You can take your fucking head phones out. You can stop for old people and for gods sake please yield to woman with children. Avoid doors, cabs, limos, douche bags in suits and models because you don't want to crash into a beautiful model.

But for real people. Ride safe. Explore. Most importantly; enjoy cycling NYC.