Bike NYC or Die : Parking


In the 22 years I've been riding bikes I've only had one bicycle stolen from me (I am 28). You can thank New York City for that! No. It was definitely my fault to a certain extent. I was stupid and had been locking my bike up on some scaffolding every day for a week or two. I thought I was being smart by locking it through the intersection where three bars met on the scaffolding. I thought to my self; there is no way that they would remove the three bars to steal my bike! Well. One day I got out of the studio and there it was. All three bars on the scaffolding were gone and so was my bike. What blew my mind is that the scaffolding was no where in sight! These dudes must have rolled up in a truck and took the whole fucking thing! Lesson learned! P.S. I called the police to report the theft and they never even showed up. I waited an hour in the winter cold before I gave up and took the subway home.

What not to do

- Lock your bike up to scaffolding. Duh! I learned the hard way so learn from my mistake and find something that can not be removed. - Accidentally lock your bike to another bike unless it's your buddies. - Don't lock your bike outside overnight unless you absolutely have too! - No cable locks please! Thieves can cut those with a fucking Swiss Army Knife! Check out the pictures below for more of that. - Please lock your bike in such a way that another cyclists can use the rack as well. - And for gods sake. Don't lock your bike up to some pretentious LES dive bar because they will go inside and leave a note on your bike.

What I use

- My main lock is a Kyrptonite Evolution Mini which costs around 55 bucks. I use this lock most of the time but is only really big enough to lock the frame up to the pole. - My other lock is a Kryptonite Series 2 which isn't as strong but it is large enough to lock up the frame and wheel. - When I know I'll be locking my bike up for more than an couple hours I will bring both locks to make sure everything is super secure.

(Yes. There are a ton of options out there for locking up your bike but I've been using Kryptonite locks for well over a decade now and really can't recommend anything else. )

P.S. Don't steal bikes bro!