Bike NYC or Die : Helmets

Like most people. I grew up thinking helmets were uncool. When I raced BMX I had to wear a full face helmet and I hated it. My father still has the helmet; the scratches on that thing are crazy. Looking back I realize how many times that full face helmet saved my life. Thats not to say I haven't taken my fair share of spills without one. I was rebellious and took a number of bad crashes to my head. Unfortunately; I have the scars to prove it. 

*** Rare photo of myself riding BMX with a helmet


Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 4.39.48 PM

Well. I am all grown up now. 28 years old and living in New York. They say that New York City is the best city in the world. Fuck that. It's the most dangerous city in the world.

Every time you take your bike on the streets you are at war.

Forget that and die.

So check it :

- Helmets are cool again. Fact. - Helmets make you feel more safe, protected, so you can go harder; faster. No holding back. - I understand the feeling one gets when cycling without a helmet. The wind in your hair. Fuck. It's amazing. But remember it only takes one crash. Everything you took for granted can be stripped from you.

I wear mine and so should you!


*** The Giro Atmos retails for $180 and it's the tits.

Heres a short list of helmets to get your pointed in the right direction : Over 200 Giro Aeon because they make the sickest products. Retails for $250. Get it in flat black.

Catlike Whisper Plus will be my next helmet. I always trip out on how gorgeous it is when I see someone wearing one. Retails for $280 and most importantly comes in flat black.

The Specialzied S Works Prevail is probably one of my favorite helmets. Retails at $250 and comes in a bunch of wacky colors. You know what to do. Cop it in flat black!

Under 100 All the companies above manufacture helmets that retail for under 100 bucks.

BMX or "Urban" Buy Protec!. Don't fuck with the imitators aka Bern aka TSG aka all the other other poser brands. Don't settle for less. You can purchase a Protec for under $50.

What do I wear?

I am currently using a Giro Atmos on the road bike, a Protec Bucky Lasek on the BMX bike and an old Specialized Prevail that I use for commuting (+ back up for friends and wife).


I just want you to be safe, enjoy cycling and do the most. Remember. You're too beautiful to not be wearing a helmet.