April Showers Bring Sunday Flowers


aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5864The headwinds on the West Side Highway this morning was intense. aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5872 My legs are littered with scars from years and years of riding BMX bikes. aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5876 Back roads. Keeping clear of 9W at all costs. aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5887 Climbing into Rockland Lake aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5899 I am really love my Macho Man. aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-58977 The climb into Rockland Lake is pretty fun. aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5906 This is the top of one of my favorite climbs with gradients ranging from 8% - 27% aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5907 Keeping it on them backroads! aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5910 Tallman. I love you. aprilshowersbringssundaysflowers-5919 Ran into this dude. Pleasant and painful surprise.