And I am Getting a 2019 Bronson!

My buddy started me out on a Bronson 1 with a bunch of spare parts while I was living in Santa Cruz. Since then I've owned two 5010's and have been super happy in the jibby trail category. I don't think my riding style has changed but I am finding myself pushing the limits of the 5010 just way too much.


Now don't get me wrong the 5010 is a beast and when I put on a FOX DPx2 it was a game changer. I am stoked to see the 2019 models come stock with it! I've thought about the 2019 5010 a lot but I'd have to buy a new fork, better brakes, and bigger tires just to suit my needs. That's a lot of cash to throw on a new bike!

So in comes the 2019 Bronson and what a beauty it is! The bike will be about 2 pounds heavier than my current set up but some of my fittest and fastest friends ride 160mm trail bikes so there is really no excuses. 

I am planning on writing an article diving a bit deeper into my decision which will include a long-term review of the Santa Cruz 5010. Meanwhile enjoy Ratboy getting shreddy in the woods on the new 2019 Bronson! 

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