An Honest and Quick Review of the Giro Terraduro

To be honest, the Giro Terraduro is the first MTB specific shoe I've ever owned. After using the Giro Code's for years I figured it was time to try out a shoe that was meant to tackle life both on and off the bike. Living in the PNW we're constantly pushing our bikes up steep hills, over fallen trees, and more importantly time at the pub. 


Cycling shoes are expensive and it's always hard to justify spending so much money on something that is just going to get fucked up. Giro's $180 price tag is not bad and we all know they could charge more if they wanted to. 

I picked up a pair right before I took a 14 day trip to BC. Looking back, that was probably a stupid idea but I was so tired of riding in my cyclocross shoes that I figured I'd take the chance. They held up to the test and I was able to spend my trip enjoying all of the amazing trails without ever having to think about the shoes on my feet.

Since BC I've spent a lot of time in these shoes and have found them to be some of my favorite cycling shoes I've ever owned. The Vibram soles and rugged toe protection has saved my ass more than a few times! 


Reviews are boring but I think some people might find this information useful. So here is a quick no bullshit breakdown on the Terraduros. 

1. The price is right. 
2. The Vibram soles are really nice. 
3. There really nice to walk in but when the pushing gets really steep you're gonna wish you had a little more give in the sole. 
4. Getting these shoes wet on a MTB trip is a big problem. If your feet get wet on a trip these shoes will most likely stay wet the entire trip. Super hard to get these things dry. Bring lots of newspaper! 
5. The all black colorway is on point and I wish Giro offered it with all of their shoes. 
6. I would and do recommend these to my friends who mountain bike. 

Head over to Giro for more info