Adventure On

There seems to be a preconceived notion within our culture that once folks have kids, they are no longer able to enjoy the activities that they once held dear. I am here to express the other side of that concept and to hopefully show how, through these activities, one can actually be a more present and engaged parent.

First, a quick introduction. My name is Ben Swanson, I live here in Portland, OR with my amazing wife and 2 beautiful daughters (3 years old and 1 month.) I work full-time as a Social Worker and I am also a competitive cyclist. I commute to work every day by bike, ride/train almost daily and race cyclocross/gravel events. Needless to say, I end up spending a considerable amount of time on bicycles.

Through this series I will be exploring the balance between parenting and continuing to engage in meaningful activities (mainly cycling.) I have my own, personal experiences to draw from but am also looking forward to interviewing other parents who are also engaged in this balancing act.

Adventure on,
Ben @swanny22