A Whole Different Enchilada

A twist on a Moab classic with Josh Dirksen & Adam Craig

In the great debate of summer vs. winter, it's actually the shoulder seasons that are arguably the best. After all, it's not often that you can combine two of your favorite seasonal sports and shred both white and brown pow in the same day, right? So after conjuring up an epic 3-day, dual-sport adventure that put a unique twist on the Moab classic -- The Whole Enchilada -- duo Adam Craig (a pro biker turned skier) and Josh Dirksen (a pro snowboarder turned biker) set off to experience the rugged beauty of Southern Utah's high desert. What transpired was A Whole Different Enchilada... -EVO

I think we picked the perfect time of year to come out here, when everything is available and everything is an
— Josh Dirksen