Dklein Travels for Gravel!

Party on Dklein! 

Fergus and I head to Quincy CA to test out the All New Ritchey Outback at this years Grindruo Event. First Look at the Outback, Shenanigans, Gravel and MORE!

The Mantra of the trip was ‘Will Travel For Gravel’ I ended up designing a graphic to go along with this message.


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Top of the World

In August I was traveling around BC and made a quintessential stop in Whistler.

The Top of the World was open so I had to give it a go. 

"Starting from the summit of Whistler Mountain and descending through some of the most stunning alpine landscapes, Top of the World is the Whistler Mountain Bike Park's pinnacle experience that is unlike any other trail in North America. With a 5,000 vertical foot descent back to Whistler Village, Top of the World is on the bucket list for all advanced mountain bikers."

Endless views 

It costs an additional 35 CAD to get to the top and the ticket is only good for one run. 

Serious exposure on a flimsy lift. 

The lush mountain gives way to snow covered peaks. 

I missed out on Top of the World last year due to the snow pack. 

The top was breathtaking. Not pictured, 100+ tourists with selfie sticks. 


I'd stay up here for hours if it weren't for all of the tourists. 

Dropping in. 

The top section of the trail was pretty rowdy. 

Alpine meadows and lots of rock smashing. 

Eric's bike lives on.... until next year Whistler!

Team Coastal at the Alpenrose Cross Crusades

Gritchelle is at again with some killer photography of the team at this years Cross Crusades at Alpenrose. 

Pinning numbers is easier when you have teammates. 

Team Coastal holding down the women's field. 

Tay fought her way up to 10th place in Women's 1/2.

Brian dusted off the cobwebs while Chris just getting faster and faster! 

The boys are back in town....

Tuesdays are dead

The Portland Trophy Cup is over. Tuesdays are dead!


Promoters take notes because the Trophy Cup is hands down the best series in Portland. 


Last nights race was madness and the fall weather really created a special vibe.

It got dark really fast but nothing was going to hold these ladies back from crushing. 

Portland knows how to have a good time. 


Left. Tay killed it in her first year as a Cat 1. That whole field should be scared. 
Right. Gritchelle shoots really good photos. Follow her new IG account


Mike enabled the Speedo and fucking crushed the barriers. Savage! 

The men + singlespeed race was a blast. The course layout made for some killer spectating.


Mike and Ryan unlocked the barrier and sent it. Did you know Ryan used to be afamous BMX rider? Seriously, check this out!  

The party / award ceremony is this Friday at the Athletic. Head over to Portland Trophy Cup for more info. 

18,000 ft Descent in Oakridge

I got an e-mail a couple weeks back about heading out to Oakridge to do the 17k shuttle with Cog Wild. That's right, 17 thousand feet of descending in just one day! To be honest I wasn't that motivated at first and I was actually thinking about racing cyclocross instead. Thankfully I have some good friends that knocked the sense into me and got me back on track. The conditions in the PNW right now are incredible and that means you drop whatever plans you had and get in the fucking van.

Michael's van is a work in progress and was the perfect rig to get us and our gear out to Oakridge. 

Corey lined up a killer camping spot in the Willamette National Forest. Sorry, not giving out GPS coordinates to this gem. 

8:15 am shuttle with Cog Wild with the goal of hitting 17k of descending. 

I really wanted to shoot some photos of all the amazing trails we rode but I was having way too much fun! #sorrynotsorry


In order, we rode Lawler, Eula, Hardesty, Larison Rock and Aubrey. We descended a total of 14,301 ft with probably 3000/4000 ft of climbing. Shuttling in Oakridge isn't easy, don't be fooled, you're going to pedal. 


One of our crew clipped a bar going full speed. Crashing sucks and I am glad there was a bunch of people around to make sure we got him out safelty. Heal up quickly Evan! 

After a long day of riding it was nice to keep warm and dry with a fire. At this point, the marijuana gummy that I had eaten finally wore off. Never again. 

The next day we rallied to ride Moon Point and 10 miles of Middle Fork. 


Moon Point was sick! The 3,998 ft descent brought our weekend total to 18,000+ ft of descending! Damn! 


Snack time on the West Fork of the Willamette River. 


Bridge down.


What a great weekend of riding in Oakridge. Shout out to Corey for getting us all together. Will have to do this again soon!


Did I mention that the conditions in Oakridge right now are fucking amazing! It doesn't get any better. The window is closing, get up there now! 

Heading to Oakridge? Want to know where to camp? Where to eat? Drink? Drop a comment below and will answer what ever questions you may have!