Syncline For the Very First Time

Syncline For the Very First Time

It wasn't long ago that I was being shuttled off to Washington to ride some of my first trails in the Pacific Northwest. I love that feeling of not knowing what your getting into. Staring out the window you dream about what the trail will be like, will you be able to hang with the group, are you getting in over your head, and did I bring the right gear with me. I love that feeling. I wonder what was going through Craig's head as we drove down the 84 towards Hood River. Craig secured a demo for the day and this would his second time riding some real trails. It's early. He's probably still thinking of a warm bed or a hot cup of coffee.

Volume 02

Volume 02

Photographer Kyle Emery-Peck documents BMXers that ride Mountain Bikes; Kelli Samuelson shows us why running an elite-level women’s cycling team is Worth the Sweat; Marius Nilsen takes us on a Norwegian adventure, climbing over 10,000 meters in two days.

Volume 02 Launch at Mission Workshop


So much hard work went into the making of Volume 02 I wanted to celebrate it with the people involved. I am the biggest introvert but it was important for me to have an event, bring the cycling community together, to celebrate everyone's achievements. Print's not dead, it just takes a lot of hard work. Fuck The Rules.

Mission Workshop in San Francisco was generous enough to offer their beautiful retail space as a venue for the event.

Mission Workshop has always been a place where friends and like-minded people can gather to swap ideas and present new work. We were more than pleased to welcome Chris and his latest issue of Broken & Coastal into our San Francisco store for what became an awesome evening. Stories were told, beer was spilled, dogs were exploited for Instagram, and the cops didn’t come even once! Total success. Thanks to everyone who came.
— Jared Fickel, Mission Workshop

The following gallery is provided by Arthur Alvarez


So on Friday, December 30th, Mission Workshop curated a wall in their space with photos from the magazine. A large bin was filled with 8 bags of ice and a whole lot of beer. 50 copies of Broken & Coastal Volume 02 were put on a table and given away for free. From 6-9 pm we celebrated cycling, shared stories, drank beers and most importantly got super burritos afterwards.

I’ve known Chris a long time. Besides his insane work ethic (this is far from his first endeavor,) the quality of each project has increased exponentially - with Broken & Coastal falling in with that pattern. It was wonderful to see the event get the attention it deserved, with wall to wall attendees wearing ear to ear smiles (cute dogs helped) and in some cases, crossed eyes (outside drinks helped.) Either way, I had an amazing time, and I can’t wait for the next issue of Broken & Coastal. Congratulations to everyone involved!
— Jorge Bayley, Santa Cruz Bicycles
Like everything Chris does this project celebrated the elemental, original appeal of bicycles that got us all involved in the first place. I loved that this issue had pretty much every type of bike riding featured and the turnout at the party reflected that. I saw BMXers I hadn’t seen in years, people I am just getting to know through mountain bikes and I could tell every facet of cycling was represented. Plus there was free beers.
— Jackson Allen, FBM Bike Company
One of the first things that comes to mind is how all of us that are part of the scene have come from different places or have different backgrounds but we’re brought together to share those experiences and insight with one another through this common thread of cycling. I think the latest issue of B&C perfectly reflects that.
— R.J. Rabe, Illustrator & Designer

Broken & Coastal is an independent magazine at the intersection of cycling, design, and the outdoors.

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MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park GP

MFG Cyclocross Woodland Park GP

My race at Woodland Park started out by blocking a punch of a crazy lady to my wife on the walk to the park from the car. That's an odd and longer story but after chasing this unexpected nutcase off I was now awake, alert and ready to make some two wheeled slides around the slick course of the day. MFG's final race in the series is and always will be one of my favorites.

333fab CX Factory Racing Team Party and Open House

333fab opened up its doors at Davidson & Kullaway Custom Bicycles (DKCB) in Fremont for the 333fab CX Factory Racing Team Party and Open House. The shop was packed with friends and cycling enthusiasts enjoying tasty beverages and even tastier conversations. Shout out to Max for opening your doors and letting us all get a glimpse of what it takes to be a bicycle fabricator. You can follow Max and 333fab on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

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