22,000 ft of Descending in Oakridge, Oregon!

Honestly, it's fucking hard to schedule trips. As a freelancer I am constantly on that grind and when a project rolls in I generally have to take it. Thankfully the stars aligned and I was able to jump in Chris's truck and make the trek down to Oakridge. 


Oakridge is a small city just over 150 miles from South East Portland. It's home to over 300 miles of single track and is hands down Oregon's best kept secret. 

Well, Oakridge might not be a secret but there is something about this place that keeps people away. Everything is hard in Oakridge. There are no easy days. So maybe this is what's keeping a lot of people away? 

Our friend Corey Martin booked us a private shuttle for the day and our goal was to get in as many trails as possible! 

Like I said before, there are no easy days in Oakridge. There is not a single shuttle I know of in Oakridge where you get to the top and just get to go straight down! It's always a climb in Oakridge! With that said, who cares! It's fucking mountain biking! 


We shuttled with Cog Wild and hit Lawler, Eula, Hardesty, Aubery, and Larison Rock. A total of 15,000 + feet of descending with a few thousand feet of climing. What a fucking day on the bike! Epic conditions to boot! 

Day two we packed up the trucks and headed up to do the ATCA. The ATCA stands for Upper Alpine, Tire Mountain, Clover Patch, and Lower Alpine. It's Oakridge's crown jewel and for good reason. Epic views with epic descents and of course some epic climbs! If you can only ride one thing in Oakridge it should be the ATCA.... or Eula..... Eula is fucking rad. 

Perfect conditions and perfect weather. May is possibly the best time to come to Oakridge. 

Chris took me to Oakridge for the first time a couple years ago. Always stoked to spend some time in the woods with this dude. 


Bob is the newest member of the crew and it was his first time in Oakridge. The stoke level was high. 


This view, this place. 

Oakridge can be intimidating for people that have never been, so here is some quick tips to get you going. Because you saw the pictures right? You have to go! 

1. Stop by the Oakridge Mercantile. Pick up a trail map, by some snacks, chat with the locals.
2. Camp at Black Canyon Campground, it's right off the highway. If you want to get more off the beaten path there is plenty of places to do that. Just make sure to check in on any fire restrictions and pack it in and pack it out!
3. After a big day on the trail head over to the Brewers Union. Throwback some cold ones, eat good food, tip well, smile.  

Have more questions? Comment below or feel free to give us a shout.