Baja Divide Bikepacking Slideshow

Head to Velo Cult this Friday for a Baja Divide slideshow presented by Nick Sande and Gabriel Amadeus.6pm at Velo Cult. More details below!

"Nearly 100 bikepackers departed San Diego on January 2nd and headed south into Baja California. Gabe and Nick regale stories and share photos from their adventure this Friday at Velo Cult. FREE entry. Not free Tecate. Potentially free tacos." - Gabriel @limberlost


Revolution Bike Park

The Revolution Park out of the UK looks amazing! 

"Self funded and built, the opening session was a proud moment for all involved. Get planning to be hitting this line come spring time. Revolution bike park going above and beyond, opening the opportunities in the UK." 

Filmed by John Lawlor and Trippin - Edit Sam Flanagan - music: rommy - soul rockin