Getting High and Staying Light with Smoothjazzlines

Who brings two bikes on a work trip? This guy does! After a long and last minute work week in Seattle, I linked up with Chip from @smoothjazzlines who promised to take me deep into the Green Zone. 


Smooth Jazz Lines master facilitator @workingoutinjeans guiding us deep into the #greenzone. 


The trail scene just outside of Seattle is legit. 

Never not jibbing. 

"What is a SJLMTBCSystems Facilitator? The simple answer… you are! SJL is not a hierarchical program. As such, the growth and development of our technology is dependent on the devoted MindEye of each and every Facilitator! Join us! The longer answer… a Facilitator fosters community, shares knowledge, willing opens the GreenZone to new Facilitators, lives by RadicalEquality, and knows when to get sideways! Without you, our technologies stagnate. So, share the program! If you encounter a potential Facilitator on the trail, say hi and offer an adjustment! You never know! We’re all just trying to find the GreenZone, right?"

Google Raging River / Exit 27 for the goods. I have no clue how we got there or what we rode. I do know that the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is putting in a lot work here and it's going to be a destination trail system for sure! I am already planning my next trip back up! 


There was a lot of jumps to scare myself on. Stoked to get a couple of the big lines dialed. I can't wait to come back and get them from top to bottom. 

Search and State S2-V CAMO RIDING VEST

Search and State S2-V CAMO RIDING VEST

The all new S2-V Camo Riding Vest is one of our most versatile garments to date.  It is engineered to be there for you when the elements demand more than just a jersey. The camo upper is cut from a water-repellent synthetic and the lower body is cut from an all new lightweight proprietary textured fabric also providing water resistance but offering more breathability to adapt to changing conditions. Fully waterproof and windproof front and rear zips also help defend against inclement conditions.

An Honest and Quick Review of the Giro Terraduro

An Honest and Quick Review of the Giro Terraduro

To be honest, the Giro Terraduro is the first MTB specific shoe I've ever owned. After using the Giro Code's for years I figured it was time to try out a shoe that was meant to tackle life both on and off the bike. Living in the PNW we're constantly pushing our bikes up steep hills, over fallen trees, and more importantly time at the pub. 

Syncline with Adam and Wilcox

Our Friday escape from Portland could not have been any better. Killer dirt, misty mountains, blazing sunshine, and hella smiles! 

Adam's new Ritchey Timberwolf is fire. 

Hella sends. 

I love this tree. 

The cattle was a trip. So beautiful. 

Taking in the view and sun before dropping in.