Our Team

We’re a first year team comprised of down-to-earth members with some lofty goals. For 2017, we plan to train together, race as hard as we can, and have as much fun as possible doing both. While fighting for the podium is a given for any team, we’re striving to make an even larger impact through charitable fundraisers, community service, and lead the charge to inspire people to get outdoors.


Craig Harrison
Craig is the Cycling Club team manager who is most proud of his participation in last year’s Grinduro, fist-bumping Sven Nys at SSCXWC, and spreading stoke to everyone he meets on two wheels.

Taylor Snider
Taylor aka Tay is the Cycling Club associate team manager; a semi-pro footballer-turned cyclist who upgraded from cat 4 to cat 2 in her first season of cyclocross.

Christopher San Agustin
Christopher is the founder and creative director of Broken & Coastal. He believes good things come from courage and passion.