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Broken & Coastal is an independent magazine for cyclists with courage—the non-traditionalists and the rule breakers who dare to live life outdoors.

Each issue aims to inspire motion, fostering the drive inside us all to keep going, push harder, and pedal further.


Our Content

Broken & Coastal collaborates on print and digital content with a global network of talented contributors who share our passion for cycling and the outdoors.

Produced and printed in the United States, Broken publishes content that inspires people to get outside.

You can read our latest issue free online here.

What we cover:

Gravel Grinding
Land Stewardship
Mountain Biking

Our readers are makers and rule breakers—the romantics who seek out secluded forest roads, the Cat 1 racers in cut-offs, and the dreamers who revel in green earth and blue sky. They're the ones who refuse to be labeled or classified, the ones hopping the barriers and redefining what cycling can truly be.

Bringing a rare blend of sincerity and grit, Broken engages this audience with content that builds relationships, sparks conversation, and generates interest in the brands we support.

We offer something no other cycling media brand does: Courage!



It’s amazing what we’ve done in such a short amount of time. Broken & Coastal and its network is growing.

Volume 01
46 pages, 12 contributors, and 100 print copies.

Volume 02
96 pages, 22 contributors, and 250 print copies.

2 print issues per year.

5,000+ Reads
35,000+ Impressions






From traditional ad placement to integrated content built around your brand, Broken & Coastal offers a range of print and digital advertising opportunities . Spots in the print magazine are extremely limited, but we’re opening up additional room for advertising in our digital versions to meet brands on a variety of budgets.

Short_Track_5 (28 of 56).jpg


Whether you need product imagery or lifestyle photography, we can help you build a library of visual content for use across platforms.

Click here for to see samples of our photography

Brand Adventures

Real stories, about real people, on real cycling adventures. From location scouting to collaborating with influencers we build the experience that will captivate your customers.

Web Content

We just launched a new website, and we’ll be working hard to deliver fresh, creative content to our readers in between our biannual issues. From online product reviews to stories about your company’s culture, our custom content breaks through the noise and gets you noticed.

Christopher San Agustin is the founder and creative director of Broken & Coastal. He believes good things come from courage and passion.

Christopher is here to help, and his experience in the creative industry will be a valuable asset to your brand. For more information on Christopher, visit Linkedin or check out his work at

P.S. He can ride the hell out of a bike, too!


Sample Sponsorship Kit

Broken & Coastal believes in partnering with forward-thinking brands with a passion for cycling and the outdoors. We’re not looking to just take your money and run. We’re looking for strategic partnerships with brands that we believe in.

Check out our sample sponsorship kit.

  • 1 page print AD. When you purchase a print ad, you will also receive a complimentary digital ad, which can be designed to match or stand out from what’s in print (your choice!).
  • Logos. You logo will be featured on our website and launch parties.
  • Social Media integration. Will use your hashtags on all of our posts along with posting content we create from the adventures we have with your products.
  • Website features. From product reviews, to event coverage, we will work with you to make amazing content.
  • Brand Advocacy. As a sponsor of Broken & Coastal we will become ambassadors that educate and inspire your customers.

As you can see we’re not just selling you an Ad but a strategic plan to help your brand make an impact. We will work with you on building a custom Sponsor Kit that fits your budget and needs.




Let’s do this!

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