Broken & Coastal is an independent magazine focused on the intersection of cycling, design, and the outdoors. With a collection of stories from creatives and adventurists around the globe, each issue aims to inspire motion, fostering the drive inside us all to keep going, push harder, and pedal further.

The Team

Broken & Coastal is published by a small, dedicated team based out of Portland, Oregon. B&C collaborates with a global network of talented contributors. If you’re interested in collaborating on print and digital content, contact us.

Christopher San Agustin
Founder, Creative Director
Terra Mahmoudi

Each issue of Broken & Coastal wouldn’t be possible without all of our immensely talented contributors. Find out more about them below.


Brandon Harrison
Ender Sender
Brian Barnhart
Golden Hours
Kyle Emery-Peck
Full Frame Collective


Adam Kachman, Andrio Abero, Andy Evans, Ben Popper, Brad Adams, Brian Barnhart, Chris Riesner, Dain Zaffke, Dklein, Donalrey Nieva, Eddie Barksdale, Garrett Lau, Grady Corbitt, Gritchelle Fallesgon, Jackson Allen, Jake Szymanski, Jillian Betterly, John Alcantara, John Reiss, Jonathan Neve, Joseph Ison, Kelli Samuelson, Marius Nilsen, Matt Kile, Oliver Toman, Paul LaCava, Randall Fransen, Ron Lewis, Sid Enck Jr, and Stephan Hawk.


If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in what we’re doing, we’d love to grab a beer or go on a ride. Give us a shout and we'll try to set aside some time to chat or ride.